“Those aren’t mountains!”

The I Fucking Love Science Facebook page shared this image from the Scientific Illustration for the Research Scientist page. The maths behind this image is incorrect and I just need to have a little rant about it. According to Interstellar, 1 hour on the water planet = 7 Earth years There are 8,760 Earth hours in […]

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Try to Enter & WIN!

Lipton Ice Tea is currently running a really cool promo. All you have to do is SMS a unique code to 38598 and you could win one of 18 R5000 cash prizes or an Audi A1. Umf, I would look great in that car. So I live on the light peach Lipton ice tea. It’s […]

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Comic Strip

This reminds me of Steve Hofmeyer’s recent comment on Twitter on black people being the architects of Apartheid. Backward, unacceptable views that I’m only used to old white people and immortal lobsters having.

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Blogging is Hard

I’ve been trying to re-establish my blogging presence by reviving an aged Tumblr account and signing up to Ello, but I think I’m going to keep things on Waxing Apocalyptic after all and just play with the theme a bit more. Going through my old posts from years ago makes me cringe. I hope I […]

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Banana Republic? Really?

Whenever something breaks in South Africa, South Africans love referring to SA as a banana republic when they bitch about it. The latest topic that’s got South Africans hot under the collar is Eskom’s load shedding, which is resulting in rolling blackouts across the country. Yes, this is a worthy topic to complain about but […]

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