Merging Two Worlds – a blog update

galaxy merger

This short post is just to let my readers know about an upcoming mini-revamp, which might go unnoticed unless I point it out. (Granted, the merger I’m talking about is not as dramatic as the merging of two galaxies, but I thought the picture would lend an appropriate amount of drama to the idea).

I have always considered myself a shy atheist. I do not like the word ‘atheist’ (preferring, instead, the word ‘skeptic’) and I do not run around flailing my arms whenever a religious person approaches me with their views. I have lied about my views to theists so as not to offend or draw attention, and I have participated in religious rituals when at friends’ or family members’ houses to avoid ostracising myself. My Qur’an, Bible, Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, and Darwin books used to sit in hidden draws in my room away from prying eyes.

Well, as of two weeks ago this is no longer the case. I have moved away from that side of my personality and into a beautiful new place close to the beach and closer to work. I am around like-minded people and as soon as I get my shelves mounted my books will be displayed with pride and joy.

Along with my previous personality split I also kept my online life neatly partitioned. I would debate theists and blog about religion on sites such as and the happyatheistforum. My WordPress blog I kept aside for topics ranging from astronomy to media. As of today I am going to slowly begin merging these two worlds, incorporating future religious opinions into Waxing Apocalyptic and reposting some of my longer blog posts from

I will never lie about my atheism again and I am slowly going to start to remove myself from the religious rituals of friends and family. I am not embarrassed or shy about my ideologies, disbelief and skepticism.

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