April Fools in the Office

Happy April Fools to all my readers!

This was my first April Fools in the office (since I’ve only been working here for 5 months), so here’s a look at what’s going on today.

A really badly outlined dead guy in the kitchen

April Fools in the Office

The boss


April Fools in the Office

We have two entrances to the office, both of which have signs up saying “please use other door” with arrows pointing in opposite directions.

So far the reception has been excellent ^_^

Here are some other April Fools day pranks from around the world this morning:

  • LinkedIn adds famous people to the people you may know

linkedin People you may know april fools

  • The Pirate Bay claimed it had a bid for eBay on eBay and won!

The Pirate Bay April Fools ebay auction

  • Google Adwords: Display Ad Builder now offers old school ad units such as “punch the monkey,” “pop-ups galore,” “LOLcats,” and “congratulations, you’ve won!”
  • Soundcloud: customised backgrounds offered, including themes for Moby and Queens of the Stone Age

Soundcloud customised background April fools

google helvetica

google comic sans april fools font

It’s clear from the above examples that April Fools day has become about much more thank simply pranking one another. It’s become a very useful marketing tool providing a platform to websites with decent campaigns so that they may have the opportunity to go viral.

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