Why you should be an anti-theist

A short post and a quick, unstructured, but necessary rant.

I encourage you all to watch this video. It is a poem with pictures and it is Not For Sensitive Viewers.
The poem is called Sharia Law.

I do not understand how any woman on the face of the planet can call herself religious with the knowledge that these atrocities are being committed to women in the name of religion. Women must not only be atheists, but anti-theistic. If you are a human being with any sense of compassion, dignity, or empathy, then you can’t stop at being an atheist when you see things like this. You inevitably become anti-theistic.

Cruelty and irrationality are not only the crimes of Islam. Islamophobia is something all too common in the Western world because of the excessive cruelty of Islamic extremists and fringe radicals. But then “excessive cruelty” is already a somewhat redundant term, isn’t it?

All religion is harmful, because all religion is based on a lie. There is no god. Or, to rephrase that in a more semantically appropriate way, the lack of evidence for the existence of a deity is so minimal that the existence of a god is far too improbable to warrant even acknowledging it. There is no supernatural being watching over us, dispensing vicious, questionable judgment at its will and going to the utmost lengths to conceal itself from its flawed creations. As a result of this foundation on which religion is based all religions are guilty of disseminating misinformation. This encourages superstition, lack of critical thinking, blind acceptance, fear, hatred, bigotry, sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, and stands firmly in the way of scientific inquiry, cultural progression and societal advancement. People cling to medieval values, which not only blocks, but actively rejects all scepticism no matter what the reason. People are trained and indoctrinated from a young age to find solace in magical fairy tale stories about burning bushes which talk, talking snakes, whales which swallow people and spit them out alive, Biblical Gandalfs who part seas, and happily married white heterosexual couples who prance around whimsically in a garden designed just for them. You know your god is man-made when he hates all the same people as you. I for one am glad God/Allah/Yahweh does not exist. He is portrayed by all of his followers and all of the texts they have written about him as irrational, violent, childish and narcissistic with petty human emotions like jealousy.

The impossibility of the existence of a god has been used to terrorise people who are considered less powerful than white males for centuries: women of all races, men who do not have the “convenience” of being born white, children who are told what to believe before they can even cognitively grasp the basic facts of life, lesbians, gays, transexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, intersexuals, hermaphrodites, asexuals, and anyone who displays any hint at being different to or questioning the tyrannical reign of the religious majority.

I have been in far too many conversations with people who profess to be harmless, God-loving Christians who I would not consider extremists in any way who nonetheless shut me down entirely the moment I correct something they say about their religion or dare to criticise or critique their god. I have seen the quote, “with or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion,” come to life through a lovely, close friend of mine who cringes when characters die in Disney movies but defends the Biblical god’s massacring of hundreds of Egypt’s innocent first born and God’s speedy extermination of over two million men in the Bible. She defends these atrocities without batting an eyelid.

All religions are dangerous. They fuel violent acts, irrational belief systems, support for wrongdoings, and the lie of a fantastical, heavenly afterlife in which you can bathe in glory for all eternity. It has been publically shown time and time again that it is impossible to police some kind of morality within a system which offers you full spiritual repentance for any and all sins committed and then allows you into the version of heaven or Jannah you were taught about as a child.
Even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights compiled by the U.N is contradicted by both the Quran and the Bible at every possible article. What are the United Nations member states not understanding about basic, consequential, considered, empathetic morality? How is it possible for mankind not to see these gross contradictions? Why aren’t people turning away from religion as one body and sneering at it in distaste?

I wish the entire world would just wake up and say, “Woah, nearly believed that for a minute. What the fuck? Kay, well, let’s get back to doing something socially constructive rather than cognitively destructive with our lives.” Stop respecting the baseless claims and practices of the religious.

To be a religious moderate is to privilege faith-based belief above evidence-based skepticism, and it is this misplaced, inappropriate thinking that results in religiously-fueled cultural and political atrocities, ranging from telling your own flesh and blood that they are going to Hell, through to Sharia Law.

  1. #1 by bobcarr on July 25, 2011 - 09:09

    Pay attention when you read the following:

    “This is the last and most astounding fact about this faith; that its enemies will use any weapon against it, the swords that cut their own fingers, and the firebrands that burn their own homes. Men who begin to fight the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only they may fight the Church. This is no exaggeration; I could fill a book with the instances of it. Mr. Blatchford set out, as an ordinary Bible-smasher, to prove that Adam was guiltless of sin against God; in manoeuvring so as to maintain this he admitted, as a mere side issue, that all the tyrants, from Nero to King Leopold, were guiltless of any sin against humanity. (…) I have known people who protested against religious education with arguments against any education, saying that the child’s mind must grow freely or that the old must not teach the young. I have known people who showed that there could be no divine judgment by showing that there can be no human judgment, even for practical purposes. They burned their own corn to set fire to the church; they smashed their own tools to smash it; any stick was good enough to beat it with, though it were the last stick of their own dismembered furniture. (…) And yet the thing hangs in the heavens unhurt. Its opponents only succeed in destroying all that they themselves justly hold dear. (…) They do not prove that Adam was not responsible to God; how could they prove it? They can only prove (from their premises) that the Czar is not responsible to Russia. They do not prove that Adam should not have been punished by God; they only prove that the nearest sweater should not be punished by men.”

  2. #2 by PietV. on November 29, 2011 - 00:04

    Dear Mr.

    To promote skepticism/critical thinking I wrote some questions for the Christian believer. Mefiante from SAS made a good translation. She is now working at the last part. The most sophisticated questions. Are you able to put the link to these questions at your blogroll. Maybe twice. One reference to the dutch part (freethinker) and the other to South African Skeptics.

    Thank you very much,

    Piet – Rotterdam – Netherlands.



  3. #3 by Ben on December 1, 2011 - 07:20

    This video and article are so incredibly beautiful and eloquent that I can’t really comment further without feeling as though I’ve cheapened it.

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