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Stem Cell Research First retina created from stem cell research. In another world first in the fight against degenerative eye disorders, scientists from the Universtiy of California, Irvine, have created an eight-layer early-stage retina from human embryonic stem cells. Not only is this the world’s first three-dimensional complex tissue structure to be made from stem cells, but […]

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Synthetic Life

US researchers have developed the first bacteria cell controlled by a synthetic genome, in a breakthrough which may pose philosophical and scientific questions about the bid to recreate life. Craig Venter announces the creation of the first synthetic cell. News BBC: ‘Artificial life’ breakthrough announced by scientists. By Craig Venter on how they created the […]

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Photosynthetic Sea Slug This sea slug is genetically half-plant and half-animal. When is eats algae it hangs onto their chloroplasts and photosynthesising genese, allowing it to photosynthesise it’s own food and emit its own light from the murky depths of the ocean. Elysia chlorotica has a gelatinous leaf-shaped body which undulates as it swims. If it feeds on […]

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Immortal Jellyfish Ages Backwards

This immortal species of jellyfish, turritopsis nutricula, has discovered the fountain of youth. Since it is capable of cycling from a mature adult stage to an immature polyp stage and back again, there may be no natural limit to its life span. Scientists say the hydrozoan jellyfish is the only known animal that can repeatedly […]

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Australopithecus sediba discovered Mail&Guardian: Timeslive: News BBC: Two skeletons nearly 2 million years old and unearthed in South Africa are part of a previously unknown species that scientists say fits the transition from ancient apes to modern humans. However, the term “missing link” has been discredited by scientists who say that the term was […]


Multicellular life that doesn’t need oxygen Scientists have discovered the first multicellular life form ever known to have developed in entirely un-aerobic conditions with the result that it never learnt to metabolise oxygen and never developed mitochondria. Oxygen may not be the staple of modern complex life that scientists once thought, and this is a groundbreaking discovery with regards to […]

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Weak Anthropic Principle

The universe is seen as highly fine-tuned. There are certain universal laws of physics which can be applied throughout the cosmos that we know so far. However, it is often misconstrued that life would not exist on Earth if a single variable was different: if the Sun was closer or farther away, if the atmosphere […]

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These bacteria would easily survive on another planet. Deinococcus Radiodurans (D.rad) has was recently put to the test by NASA in controlled laboratory experiments. It was subjected to extreme temperature, very high levels of radiation, exposure to genotoxic chemicals, acid, a vacuum, and dehydration and, amazingly, it survived. Incredibly, these bacteria even have the ability […]

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Fire Rainbow

This is a Fire Rainbow, one of the rarest weather phenomenon on Earth. In order for this effect to be achieved the clouds have to be Cirrus and 2kms high, and there must be a sufficient density of ice crystals in the air in order to refract and reflect the sunlight. The crystals need to […]

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