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If SEO isn’t dead, perhaps it’s time for it to die

As much as I hate to rehash this tired theme, I think it’s worth discussing in light of a recent change I’ve undergone in my personal and professional opinions. Initially I was just going to blog about the death of link buying. Although this is no longer the focus of this post, it most certainly […]

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Wikipedia articles you might have missed but have to read

Semantic Saturation A cognitive neuroscience phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who can only process the speech as repeated meaningless sounds. Garden Path Sentence A grammatically correct sentence that starts in such a way that a reader’s most likely interpretation will be incorrect; they are […]

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Lunchtime Links to Help you Procrastinate

Anyone can find their minds wandering off to faraway online places around lunchtime, especially on a Friday afternoon. Here are some links I’ve discovered which will make the time you spend procrastinating slightly more productive (although if you do not wish to do that then you could always just bookmark this page for later. I’m […]

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Essential Firefox add-ons for the Browsing Wizard

If you have ever trawled aimlessly around the web before, discovered something fascinating or bizarre and wanted to share it with the people you knew online as soon as possible, then these add-ons for Firefox will speed up this process of getting the word out, bookmarking your favourite sites for later, and discovering more of […]

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AddToAny – Share Button for Blog Posts

Some of you might remember a post I did a couple of months back on an application I’d recently discovered called GetSocial. Well, I’ve recently discovered something similar and just as interesting. Say hello to my new sharing toolbar of choice, AddToAny. This glorious little site operates in a similar way to GetSocial, with some […]

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Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck

Two of the biggest and best ways to view all of your social networking sites at the moment are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These platforms allow you to stream activity from all of your sites into one easily categorised space, acting like an aggregator for your online social life. They are both aesthetically pleasing, and both […]


Basic Bookmarking

Here are a few of the most convenient ways to bookmark your social networking sites on your browser (compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox). These suggestions are based on personal taste, so use your own discretion when installing add-ons and the like. I have also in no way had the opportunity to experiment with […]

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Useful HTML for basic blogging

I have spent hours hunting down the basic html necessary for inserting links into blog posts, combining images with links, and fixing the html on my posts because I put the wrong dash in the wrong place and it rendered my text the same colour as the background. Hopefully these tips will save someone the […]

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This incredible new freeware has made social networking so much easier. Initially I added the images of the icons of sites such as reddit, digg, stumbleupon etc. to image widgets on the dashboard of my WordPress blog. I then linked the images to the submission urls of each respective site. For example, if you clicked […]

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Say no to a Media Tribunal

The ruling party in South Africa, the African National Congress (ANC), has branded print media “a protection racket” and is currently in the process of urging Parliament to investigate the creation of a “media appeals tribunal” that the party says will make reporters more responsible. The ANC has released a discussion document entitled “Media transformation, […]



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