Hootsuite vs Tweetdeck

Two of the biggest and best ways to view all of your social networking sites at the moment are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These platforms allow you to stream activity from all of your sites into one easily categorised space, acting like an aggregator for your online social life. They are both aesthetically pleasing, and both […]

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Basic Bookmarking

Here are a few of the most convenient ways to bookmark your social networking sites on your browser (compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox). These suggestions are based on personal taste, so use your own discretion when installing add-ons and the like. I have also in no way had the opportunity to experiment with […]

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Useful HTML for basic blogging

I have spent hours hunting down the basic html necessary for inserting links into blog posts, combining images with links, and fixing the html on my posts because I put the wrong dash in the wrong place and it rendered my text the same colour as the background. Hopefully these tips will save someone the […]

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