Tech-Shopping as a Woman

Is shopping for tech products infuriating for all women, or just me? It seems as though every cellular service provider or tech supply store I walk into has the same general view of women: I’d rather speak to your husband. This hasn’t just been lately. I’m usually a quiet shopper. I don’t like conversing with […]

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Faith is Corrosive to the Mind

This is a tricky one. While I agree with the general sentiment (that willingness to believe in things for which there is a distinct lack of evidence leaves you open to falling for many things, such as homeopathy, faith healing etc.), it feels like an easy argument for theists to counter. And I’m not talking […]

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Simple DIY Nail Art

Apply cellotape in a line on your nails to prepare the surface for the next coat. Make sure your base coat is evenly applied and 100% dry so that when you pull the tape off it doesn’t damage the varnish. A top coat usually helps with this. Again, make sure it’s completely dry. I usually […]

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Healthy Food for Lazy People

I’m lazy and I get hungry. Therefore this post. My definition of healthy is fairly lazy too, so don’t get on my case about the ingredients. I basically mean “not cheese-smothered pizza with a high fat milkshake” when I say healthy, so go with it. Step 1:  Get a cooler bag to put the ingredients […]

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Our Feminist Wedding

It wasn’t until I read this article by the creator of the Everyday Sexism project about her own feminist wedding that I realised that what my partner and I have planned for our own wedding also has a uniquely feminist bent. Our relationship, engagement, wedding, and ultimately our marriage have seen us both on equal […]

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