“Those aren’t mountains!”


The I Fucking Love Science Facebook page shared this image from the Scientific Illustration for the Research Scientist page.

The maths behind this image is incorrect and I just need to have a little rant about it.

According to Interstellar, 1 hour on the water planet = 7 Earth years

There are 8,760 Earth hours in 1 Earth year

So 7 years on the water planet = 613,20 water planet hours (8,760 * 7)

Assuming it takes 7 Earth years to complete a PhD, that’s 429,240 Earth years.

By the time you get back to Earth your thesis will be extremely out of date. The robots that refuted the people who refuted the original refutations of your original hypothesis would have already been refuted.


2 responses to ““Those aren’t mountains!”

  • Johnny

    I have not seen the movie,but I just need clarification on your rant.Is an hour on the water planet a water planet hour or an earth hour?

    • kelltrill

      I think that 1 hour on the water planet is being measured in earth time, so the regular 60s in 1min standard that we’re used to on Earth.
      Even if the water planet days were longer (for example, a day on Mars is 25 hours instead of the 24 hour days we have on Earth) then I think it’ll still be measured in Earth hours because that’s the base standard we use, like with the parenthesised Mars example.

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